Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The First

It was recently suggested to me that in order to fulfill my current dream of reading books to eek out a living, I should probably start somewhere. How I didn't see that coming, I have no idea. So, in the aftermath of this incredible idea being sunk into my brain, came the product of this blog. I apologize in advance for my rambling but hope that it isn't all trivial and perhaps you might stumble across something that entices you to read it. That is my only hope and probably biggest fear. I plan to read a book and write my reviews on it. Simple enough right? Please feel to give me recommendations especially if there's something you are interested in but don't know if you want to put in the time and effort, I will probably be your guinea pig. I am pretty much open to every genre, trying to be a dabbler in everything, from biographies to fantasy fiction, to young adult and memoirs. I will try to read more current novels which is becoming a very promising and sometimes daunting task of a publishing intern. Being broke is never fun.

My goal for the year is also to get a start on all the greatest books lists one should read before they die, including but not limited to Penguin's top 100 list which is where I will being my journey. Sorry in advance for all the classics that may start to pop up but I feel that in doing this quest it will enlighten my literary cannon and hopefully I digest some thoughtful insights to say while schmoozing. Doubtful, but maybe.

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